Keeping a neat, and tidy workspace is one thing, however, keeping it clean is quite another. While most companies employ staff to complete the tasks, it is good practice to keep your personal space clean on your own. A clean office allows the office staff to work without a hitch. There are no sick days due to allergies, or breathing afflictions caused through a dusty environment. You will find that your staff will be more productive, and proactive when provided a clean space to work. A clean office will promote clear thought, and rational thinking. Besides the effects on the staff, the impression given to customers paying a visit will be positively affected, and in essence, so will your bottom line.

Kitchen Works

A majority of companies provide their staff with a kitchen area where they can prepare their meals. With so many people using the area, it is one of the hardest to keep clean. Kitchen etiquette in a situation like this warrants that each individual clean up after themselves, leaving the kitchen clean for the next, however, it doesn’t always pan out like that. The cleaning staff may give the kitchen a once over in the morning, and the evenings, however, their daily chores will keep them busy in other areas.

Bathroom Basics

The bathroom can be a breeding ground for germs if not kept immaculately clean. This is probably the biggest job on the shoulders of the cleaning crew. A bathroom that is used in the way an office bathroom is, needs to be deep cleaned daily to ensure the health, and well-being of the staff, and clients using the loo. There is nothing more pleasant than entering a sparkling clean bathroom, that smells germ-free, and has the toilet paper, and soap dispensers fully loaded at all times.