Unless you are an organised robot, chances are you don’t enjoy cleaning. It is sometimes difficult to find the motivation to get started, however, finding ways to make the task a little more bearable will go a long way. Once you start and see the difference, there will be no stopping you.

Start Off Slowly

Getting started is usually the most difficult part. Tell yourself that you are going to do the work in short sessions, and time them. Set a timer for twenty, or thirty minutes, and make a pact to focus only on the job at hand for that time frame. Once the timer stops you know that you are done for the day. Each day set the timer a little longer, and before you know it your home will be sparkling, and you won’t even know it got that way.

Know Your Weak Points

Everybody has habits that they just can’t break. Regardless of how small they may be, finding ways to combat the habits can make a world of difference. If you tend to leave clothes lying in a pile every morning as you dress, place something in the way of the usual destination. In that way you will have rid yourself of the ghastly pile, and moved on to something a little neater already.

Put Things Back As You See Them

Walking past a dirty coffee mug, or glass, and leaving it there is no way to clear the clutter around you. It doesn’t take a few seconds to pick it up, and put it in the kitchen where it belongs. While it may not be clean, it is in the area where it is intended. Do a few small tasks like this each day, and you will soon realize how easy it is to accomplish. Cleaning really doesn’t have to be as ghastly as you might think.