Any person would much rather be doing enjoyable things or spoiling themselves than cleaning the house. The chores are often monotonous, and not the most fun activity to spend the day completing.

Coffee Time

For someone who enjoys an aromatic, creamy cup of coffee, and a tasty treat it can be difficult to begin working with the taste already on your lips. This is where discipline and determination come in. Promise yourself that you will be rewarded with your customary coffee, and cake, however, only once you have completed some chores. Make a list of the chores you want to complete, and make sure they are all done before you settle down to enjoy what you are longing for. You will find that a mini distraction on an online slots strategy, while enjoying your coffee will improve your mood and enthusiasm.

Spa Day Pleasures

Put off your spa day until the house is clean. If you do it beforehand that may be an excuse not to do it at all. Ruining the job done, and wasting the money spent aren’t worth the work you don’t enjoy anyway. Set a date, and make a booking for this spa day treat, but tell yourself you can’t go until the house is spotless. Give yourself a week to accomplish small tasks each day. By the end of it all your home will be clean, and you will be grateful for your much-deserved reward.

Relax In Peace

Treating yourself before the work is actually done is cheating. While you may enjoy the spoils, you won’t properly be able to relax. Somewhere inside you will harbour that guilty feeling of the work at home left undone. Do the work, accomplish your goals, and truly enjoy the reward waiting for you at the end of it all.