A clean house not only feels comfortable, and livable, it also promotes an uncluttered, and clear mind.

Dirty vs Lived In

There is a vast difference between a home that is clearly dirty, and one that is merely lived in, and enjoyed by the occupants as it should be.

Carpet Chaos

While many may feel that being clean on the surface is good enough, there are areas that do need to be deep cleaned from time to time. If your home is covered in a carpet flooring, rather than tiles, you may need to do more than sweep, and vacuum. Carpets are a haven for dust, allergens, and the like. If you want to keep your family healthy, it is best to thoroughly deep clean your carpeting at least once a week. While you may feel that you are spending unnecessary money, you will be saving your family from nasty allergies and irritating rashes. You will also be saving yourself on doctor bills and medical expenses in the long-term.

Tiling As A Floor Covering

Tiles may be a little less maintenance than carpeting, however, they do need to be cleaned every day. Most tiles are made from a ceramic material, while others are made of wood. Both of these attract dirt easily, and it tends to stick. There is nothing worse than walking across a sticky floor with bare feet. It is also disturbing to walk throughout your home, only to find that your feet are caked in dust afterward. Regularly sweep your tiles throughout the day. People coming in, and out of your home will attract dirt from the outside. Clean ceramic tiles with an appropriate cleaning agent, and water. Wooden tiles are a little more tricky and need to be polished to retain their sparkle. Take the time to care for your floors, they speak worlds about how you live.